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Updated: Apr 24

One of the first decisions we had to make when it came to the care of our baby, was how we planned to sanitize all our baby products, particularly the bottles. When we first started to search online, almost all the products for sale appeared to be steam based sanitizers. So, thinking steam was the best choice, we purchased one of the top of the line ones.

After using it for only a couple weeks, we began to realize how much of pain a steam cleaner was and how much we hated it.

First, if you aren't careful, you could easily get a painful steam burn just doing simple things like opening the steamer. Most of the time, if you are in a hurry or the baby is going nuts, you may not be paying attention and mistakes happen. Nothing is more frustrating that dealing with a steam burn while your baby is screaming in hunger.

Second, no matter how good the steamer, it will inevitably build up "gunk" (mildew) inside the steamer that you need to frequently clean out. Nasty stuff, and annoying. You'd think something designed to keep stuff clean would be better at keeping itself clean, but you'd be wrong.

Last, it's pretty old school technology you're dealing with. Sure, steaming to clean things is still used by most industries, but it's not really optimal anymore.

Enter the UV sanitizer...

It was during my return of the second steam sanitizer that I finally started researching what the professionals used. I found out most clinics and doctors use a UV sanitizer. What is a UV sanitizer? Well simply it's just a sanitizer that kills bacteria using light, specifically ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is actually nothing weird or strange, in fact we get it all the time from the sun. It can cause sunburn if you get too much of it. But what makes it useful for sanitizing is that it breaks chemical bonds and destroys bacteria. On top of that, since it's not relying on water like a steam sanitizer, it doesn't destroy electronics or plastics or similar, meaning it can sanitize all kinds of stuff like your cell phone, your keys, your toothbrush, etc.

The UV sanitizer we ended up purchasing and loving was the * Grownsy UV sanitizer. It has a drying\sanitation combo so it was easy for us to simply wash our bottles in the sink, then put them into the UV sanitizer and let it dry and sanitize it. No muss, no fuss. We use it also for all our daughter toys, eating utensils, and anything else we can think us.

All and all, if you are just starting out, don't make the mistake we made of buying a steam sanitizer. Go with what the professionals use and get a UV sanitizer, there's a reason they prefer to use them.

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